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New for 2015 Blossomire, Russian Princess!

Blossomire, Russian Princess watercolour by Lesley Anne Ivory © 2015Adatelo Blossomire, to give her full name, is a pedigree Siberian Forest cat, a great granddaughter of a World Champion.

Say hello to Blossomire

Ivory Cats is delighted to be able to debut the painting of the Russian Princess, Blossomire. Blossomire is a pedigee Siberan Forest Cat, Lesley says: she was both a challenge and a joy to portray.

The responsibility for doing justice to this royal subject was felt by Lesley yet the challenge of capturing the energy of the cat resulted in something that was such a joy to paint. Lesley comments:

She has a loving nature and a wonderfully warm presence which I have felt strongly through the weeks it took to accomplish the painting. I have grown to love Blossomire myself!

Befitting to her royal status, I designed her a little honeysuckle inspired crown (that I embedded in the top-centre of the border design) set with Russian gems; emerald and jade for her eyes, and rubies for her warmth.

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