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Spiro and Blossom

Spiro and Blossom - Valentine's Day soul mates (c) Lesley Anne IvorySoul mates, Spiro and Blossom are seated on a traditional Pennsylvanian quilt with wedding ring design. He has given her a wild rose.

Soul mates

Spiro and Blossom were born under the same star in the same year in different places only a few weeks apart.

They grew up together in our home from little kittens and were soul mates from the start, always side by side, completely in tune, quietly there for each other, often seen on the stairs, tails linked, surveying our family scene. They were a joy to have with us.

Pure and simple harmony

This painting is for them as it represents a perfect relationship that lasted, an example to humanity.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone who feels the same. Lesley 2016.

[The images of these two cats have been licensed for use on ceramics, calendars, stationery, jigsaw puzzles and books etc. More paintings of Spiro and Blossom can be seen on our website in galleries, Floral, Christmas, where it's the top right of that venita adoranus little one, top two, the Cottage Tins, Lavender Cottage, the Vignettes where they are just vignetted facing each other, Aries in Astrology and the Chaise Longue in Chairs. They can also be found together in many places on the web.]

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