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Iconic and Angelic

Asha and the Faberge Egg - (c) Lesley Anne Ivory 2021Shyly making his debut from within the Faberge Egg, is little Teddy, Uncle Martin's cat.

Asha and the Faberge Egg

Asha is a Siberian Forest cat, a natural breed which has been in existence for hundreds of years. They are graceful and very beautiful, and renowned for their loving temperaments. Asha is all of these attributes , and lives with Eden and her family.

I was inspired to paint her in a setting which reflected her country of origin, serenely posing in an arch resembling the shape of a Russian Dome. Surrounding her are Iconic Angels, each bearing a star, set in a background of gold mosaic.

There are twelve cats in this painting. Ten of my family cats agreed to pose for the Iconic Angels.

They are: top-left, reading down: Camellia / Starlight / Preston / Gemma. And: top-right, reading down are: Twiglet / Mumu / Mintaka / and Luna.

Twin tabbies Christie and Zelly support a Royal crown above the head of Asha, Russian Princess.

Lesley 2121

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