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Having Tortitude

Luna and the Moonstones - never a dull moment with a tortoiseshellThere is never a dull moment when sharing one's life with a Tortoiseshell cat.

Luna and the Moonstones

Luna and the Moonstones brings together female elements from earthly and celestial planes.

Luna bears the name of the Roman Goddess of the Moon. She is a Tortoiseshell; nearly always female, who are believed to bring luck to their owners. I certainly feel most fortunate to have Luna, she is so beautiful and such an inspiration to me.

True to her type she is a mixture of varying mood swings, and unpredictable feisty moments, which can change instantly for apparently no reason at all. There is never a dull moment when sharing one's life with a Tortoiseshell cat. Their behavior patterns are termed as "Having Tortitude".

Moonstones are the most appropriate gem for her. They are said to possess feminine energies, generate calm, and signify new beginnings.

This is the first painting with Luna as my model; new beginnings for us both.

When not in Tortitudenous mode, she is the most friendly, loving, and relaxed cat imaginable. She warmly welcomes our visitors, and sits with us to form a circle, enjoying the warm atmosphere of friends in conversation, and at ease with one another.

Her musical purring is the last thing I hear at night, and the talkative little meowings the first sound for me in the morning.

Sometimes she forgets Tortitude.

Lesley 2019

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