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Hitchin at Christmas

Hitchin at Christmas with Octopussy, Mumu and MintakaIn a little street in the ancient market town of Hitchin Octopussy, Mumu and Mintaka are quietly contemplating the magic and mystery of Christmas night among a string of starlights.

Hitchin at Christmas with Octopussy, Mumu & Mintaka

Above in the sky are real stars and amongst these the red moon eclipse which so excited and inspired me earlier this year. The stargazers amongst you might recognise Orion. Mintaka is named after the 3rd star in Orion's Belt as he was one of 3 brothers.

Hitchin has its legends and its ghosts including the ghost of a cat, imagined here as a starcat in the sky. The shooting star is for all who see this painting to wish on. My wish is to hope all our website visitors have as warm and happy a Christmas time as our family and cats have always had.

We send love to you all.

Happy Christmas!

December 2015

NB: This painting is available to license.

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