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Mintaka And the Yellow Rose

Mintaka and the Yellow Rose - Lesley Anne IvoryIn their different ways, Roses and Kittens are amongst the most popular natural creations in the world. They have irresistible appeal, and emanate warmth, love and happiness.

Mintaka And The Yellow Rose

In this, my latest painting; Mintaka and the Yellow Rose, I have endeavored to create a design featuring both these icons of our affections together, which I hope will bring pleasure to all its beholders, or at least relax most of them into a smile.

According to fossil evidence, the Rose has been in existence for at least 35 million years.

This is surely the ultimate achievement in passing the test of time!

A yellow Rose, so loved by the Greeks and Romans, and Mintaka's gift for you, is closely associated with the sun, signifying light, warmth, and well being. To give a yellow rose means the wish to warm and cheer, and generate feelings of affection, delight, and the start of fresh new beginnings.

My Granny once said to me, May you have roses all the way!, as she filled my arms with a huge bouquet of them from her garden, on my 21st birthday.

It would please me very much if my painting conveyed the message of happiness and friendship.

Do not doubt that Mintaka is giving you not only the rose, but with it all its optimistic attributes.

You only have to look, and you will receive.

Lesley, 2018

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