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The First Appearance

Mumu, Twiglet and Mintaka in Ancient Egypt at Christmas (c) Lesley Anne Ivory 2016Christmas! The time to give to those we love and exchange greeting cards with all our friends to show we are thinking of each other and still caring.
This is my personal and latest Christmas card design for this year and not yet published.

Mumu, Twiglet and Mintaka in Ancient Egypt at Christmas

This is its first appearance. I wanted you to be the first ones to receive it, directly from me. I hope you will enjoy finding the seasonal messages and thoughts within the design. I have endeavoured to create an image which will invoke thoughts of peace and harmony, or, even wonder and please you.

Why did I choose the setting to be in ancient Egypt? The cats I have chosen to spend Christmas with you on your mantelpieces are Mumu, Twiglet and Mintaka, who have all appeared in my 'Egyptians' before and I feel they know the place. Besides, I love designing them, as they give me rich scope for unlimited imagination!

Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, is aligned to create a tree of light, towards which creatures from all levels of existence are drawn.

Attracted to its glow, the cats gaze - spellbound. They sense something wonderful is about to happen, like the birth of a new star. They each have a gift...

Mumu's is a tiny turquoise bead, not the first she has found in my paintings. Perhaps her surprise for me will be the whole necklace one day!

Twiglet's present is a real star (don't ask how he got it) for someone extremely special to him, someone who knows full-well the significance of having a star to wish on.

Mintaka, himself named after a star, offers a simple perfect Daisy. He asks Twiglet who it was that actually made their 3 gifts. Twiglet is the right one to ask. Their resemblance to the three Eastern dignitaries is purely coincidental - unless you care to imagine otherwise. You are free to interpret this scene in any way you wish, perhaps adding further thoughts of your own. Then maybe more significant details hidden in the foliage.

There is what ever you like! It is up to your imagination now!

The cats bring you warmth and friendship, the doves bring you peace and hope and the hares trust you will have fun frolicking with them under the moon!

Choose a star to wish on - Twiglet will get it for you!

Happy Christmas!

Lesley Anne
December 2016

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