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Worldwide Representation: Karen Addison Associates Ltd
Licensing Enquiries: +44 (0)1931 714017


Lesley Anne Ivory Licensed GiftwareMany of Lesley Anne Ivory's cats may no longer be with us, but have been immortalised across the globe, featuring on a huge variety of product from ceramics, confectionary, jigsaws, soft furnishings, tinware, stationery, clocks and calendars to kitchen textiles and even a windmill in Japan.

Lesley Anne Ivory Merchandise

We're proud to link to a selection of companies presently licensing Lesley Anne's work. We are always keen to add new licensees into the Ivory Cats® family. If you would like to obtain any of these licensed products, please contact the licensees below. If you would like to become a licensee, please contact Karen Addison

Anthem Publishing (UK)

Email: Jenny Cook
Licensed for: Colouring Books
Tel: 01225 489984

Flame Tree Publishing (UK)

Email: Frances Bodiam
Licensed for: Wall Calendars, Slim Calendars, Diaries, Notebooks, Jigsaws.
Tel: 0207 386 4720

Halcyon Days Limited (UK)

Email: Janice Proctor
Licensed for: Enamel boxes and other giftware to be agreed.
Tel: 0207 629 8811

Natural Partners (UK)

Email: Joe Cole
Licensed for: Greeting Cards, Prints
Tel: 07714 768956

MBI Inc (UK)

Email: Julie Spencer
Licensed for: Canvas Cushions, Jewellery (direct mail only)
Tel: 0208 974 1010

Roy Kirkham & Co Limited (UK)

Email: Ian Kirkham
Licensed for: A Collection of Ceramics
Tel: 01782 837065

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles (UK)

Email: Gabriela Steel
Licensed for: Wooden Jigsaws
Tel: 01666 840033

ELMS Puzzles (US)

Email: Shay Carmichael
Licensed for: Hand-Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
Tel: 207 803 8181

Buffalo Games | Group (US)

Email: Rebecca Carden
Licensed for: Jigsaws

Diamond Dot (Hong Kong)

Email: Cathy Barzyk
Licensed for: Diamond Painting Kits
Tel: 852 3589 1055

Heaven and Earth Designs LLC (US)

Email: Michele Sayetta
Licensed for: Cross Stitch Designs

Jaftex (US)

Email: Diana Mancini
Licensed for: Fabric by the meter
Tel: 212 686 5194 ext. 217

Kroto Inc (US)

Email: Marielle Jennings
Licensed for: Canvas Prints
Tel: 733 809 4686

SARL Puzzle Michéle Wilson (France)

Email: Caroline Wilson
Licensed for: Hand-Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Planet Puzzles (Grafika) (France)

Email: Sophie Plado
Licensed for: Jigsaw Puzzles

Acrodea, Inc (Japan)

Licensed for: Android Smartphones, Smartphone screen wallpapers, menu screens, fortune-telling functions and other screens with images of the Property, utilising flash animation.
Tel: 03 5768 8600

Forma International SA (Japan)

Licensed for: Import, distribution and sales of the following licensed products manufactured by Craye SA: Cushions, Footstools, Woven Plaids. The following items manufactured by the Licensee from pure woven fabric supplied by Crane SA: Handbags, Purses.
Tel: 03 3912 4073

Kodansha Limited (Japan)

Licensed for: The Book "Cats Among the Toys" in Japanese translation.
Tel: 03 5395 3534

Skillman & Co Limited (Japan)

Licensed for: Address Label Stickers, Pre-Printed Name Cards (Private Use Only), Reusable Speech Balloon-Shaped Stickers (text in English), Calendars (personalised only), Diaries (hard cover, undated), Mouse Pads, Tin Badges, Memorial Boxes with photo frame, Mugs, Stainless Steel Mugs with Covers, Aluminium Water Bottles, Handkerchiefs, Kitchen Towels, Chocolates.
Tel: 03 3473 6245

IPinto Puzzles (Taiwan)

Email: Ivy Chang
Licensed for: One Jigsaw

Copyrights Asia Ltd (Lesley's Japanese Merchandising Agent)

29th Floor, Shinjuku i-Land Tower (Reception 30th Floor),
P.O. Box 1540,
6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 163-1329
Tel: 81-3-6459-2923
Fax: 81-3-5908-1085
Email: Copyrights Asia Ltd

Creative Rights Group (Lesley's United States Agent)

23371 Mulholland Drove #315
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Mobile 818.445.9468
Email: Alison Kenney

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